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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  September 26, 2015 8:00am-9:01am EDT

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that is our show. see you next week. i'm sorry, tp is closed. we have to go. good night. ♪ kennedy: i have four words for you, hallelujah. in proximity to his holiness, hope francis who brought congress to his knees. and with his slow, deliberate, indecipherable speech he to might -- reminded us of a few important things. he at the social conservatives on board with this talk about the golden rule and defending life at every stage, and the left already adored this pope. the speaker of the house needed a few more yards of
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fabric to sop up his lovely cheers, truly moved by the entire experience. it does not make a lot of sense to let this magical moment pass without gleaning a few heavily favors from his eminence. there is a petition circulating asking the pope to bless the internally frustrating mecca. others want the pontiff to bless timbre for needs until they say healthy. as the pope going to spend some of this holy capital on anything we could possibly asking for such superfluous gifts? for heaven sakes, is the best player in the pack 12. have you no shame? the pope is finally wriggled out of our national cesspool and is on his way out to new
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york city, and i, and i hope he graciously excommunicated departments of energy, commerce, and education. i'm certain he would love to emigrate to rome. perhaps the holy father would not mind shuttling those most in need back to the vatican. though some of us may have political disagreement, his humility and sweetness makeup -- make us all feel like the speaker inside. interviews hillary clinton and what must be a hard-hitting pulitzer-winning view. plus tracking down as many candidates as he can to grill them on immigration. and jack maxwell, joining me
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to talk about travel and booze, two of my favorite things. i am glad you are here. i chose to you. i am kennedy. kennedy: today pope francis excited the left and right. the leftthe left loving him for his take on an equality and immigration. we have jedediah fila, fox news contributor, also a perfectly shaped pocket toy. you can't quite see it right now. jamie weinstein, senior editor from the daily caller. so nice to have you. a little bit of something for everyone. what did he accomplish? >> i think that he got all of congress to stand up and applaud at the same time while which is something we never see. i love that he reached out to young people.
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>> and he made a point of that several times. >> and he made a point of not being divisive and giving a little bit of something to everyone. what other person could you imagine getting up in front of congress. i give him credit for that. everyone was looking for him we're waiting for him to talk about climate change or abortion or issues. >> he struck a nice balance, and your right about the tone. a sweeta sweet guy, incredibly likable. i appreciated what he had to say.
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>> am picky with my pope's i like the pope and look at the pope the same way. there guys and fancy robes. i'm troubled by his divisive for capitalism. kennedy: and i did expect more of an anti- capitalism rhetoric. not quite the pope
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aficionado. kennedy: i will go one step further, but i'm not catholic. he is some magical qualities that if you see him with your own eyes somehow you'll have spiritual gifts. urging us to be better people in our personal lives. i don't know that he is someone to listen to on economics. the thank him for his humility and trying to teach us to be better people.
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>> something that speaks to the national introspection because he is not just an oddity. take a moment to pause command i say good for you, lovers of life. a new poll has the three outsiders at the top of the pack. with more interesting to me, marco rubio is tied. right there. could they be the ones to pick up the pieces? i think there is still a possibility of that. still running away with the race. is there a chance the outsiders will stumble and fumbled slow and steady, paul numbers were so great.
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and ted crews is the conservative ideologically. he has moments when he breaks through, that is when he has moments to shine. does not have time to cover every person's rally. the debates are the stage where these men and women separate themselves the counter debate performance he needs to separate himself. >> i'm governor fleming.
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they named three accomplishments of senator obama. they all want those comparisons right now. i think reveal be the most prepared. i think he's playing along game. that speech, very smart keeping the money kind of playing in tight like the walker campaign, they ran an of money. i think rubioi think rubio is going to emerge at the end is the nominee. inside establishment
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beltway. and everyone will be laughing and all the talking heads. but if i had to put money on it now, i think i would put it on marco rubio. kennedy: so much to discuss while playing a game, poker fiction. we will talk about landon donovan's interview. get ready for some easy slow pitch questions.
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>> i got married to someone who was going to chart a path, he was incredibly clear. [laughter] >> my panel is back, thank goodness. jamie weinstein. out there with you. i sat down. >> they don't ask tough questions. it seems like she said that with more female comedians than actual reporters. she turned down the bill twice. exactly. but you know, she should be thanking her lucky stars. if she did marry a future president it is not clear she would be in a
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position to do so herself. >> and she said, if she did not have this -- >> and those are the two things. one is that she is someone that liberals like. the hoping that history will be enough. >> am surprised she sat across from each other. >> and image to put in people's mind. sexual assault was interesting. talk about the one she covered up for her husband.
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>> landon donovan wrote about it in the book. i'm very confused by lena dunham. a lot of funny dialogue on the show. but i think she's not duck. >> i don't get her at all. it's not because she is liberal. i just don't get what she does on television. look at our culture. our culture loves this pop-culture stuff. they also try to ignore things like benghazi. us magazine or in touch targeting the insides go. if you want to be taken seriously as a journalist been hit a few carly fiorini
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is as well and asked her the challenges that she has had as a woman. >> she would do that research for that much more differently. she would somehow have to trap her. but i agree with you. >> she would be a tough onea tough one to corner. so they curled up in each other's laps. >> what. >> what is an interesting point -- kennedy: getting excited. relax. >> all of the things that she did as a young woman, young married woman, differentiating yourself. as the freebiefree be can reported, she defended an accused child rapist. you can't trust a lie detector test anymore. forgot to bring up that biographical step.
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our friend heads to california to check out the growing immigrationa growing immigration crisis and he joins me to talk all about that next.
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♪ kennedy: charlie the death, from the american group charlie the death traveled to california to get a grip on thea grip on the immigration situation and what solutions republican candidates might be offering.
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>> i have an idea about that gigantic immigration law, get the mexicans to pay for it. get the mexicans to build the wall on their side. if you want to build a 2,000-mis how to do concrete. >> probably a dumb idea. he wants to put barcodes on immigrants. cost us more not to enforce our laws that tend to continue. also for national security reasons as well. at the end of the day we have to borders.
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kennedy: those canadians are pouring over the border they get out. that is one of the border states with a have been infiltrating for so long. the exact same rationalization that i used. >> the kind of the issue now. he might be right you want
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to expect to build the 2,000-mis in this country is he willing to do the job? >> he is waiting for work, the fact of the matter is has a has four kids who are citizens, one daughter is a dr. you start running people up we will have some issues in the streets. police already have problems with the populace. who will round them up? it has to be a better answer than rounding up 11 million. when i start with the 700,000 violent felons. let's take a small sample and see if washington get something done got something for people who have already
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committed felonies. i they continuously able to get back in here. it is not practical or humane to try to round up and deport 11 million people, which is willful have to do. signing into law amnesty for 3 billion people, 12 million more of come. there's a segment. too much of our citizenry does not want amnesty. home depot does not like the creeps the plot prey on them. so pass the law. make sure that local jurisdictions talk to the fed to pick them up and deport them.
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if they come back for any reason how about a minimum ten years in prison, a nice dick that might keep thea guy come back and killing a young woman in san francisco. they are making a hospitable environment which just goes to show you how emotional and irrational the debate has become. thank you. coming up on the topical storm, a bully becomes the most valuable player for the other team. the vein of william shakespeare ♪ every insurance policy has a number. but not every insurance company understands the life behind it.
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kennedy: the often wind is ruffling your leaves, a big pile of news, the topical storm. they happened upon the creature they cannot quite name. dive inside the living mystery as these young jacques cousteau's come to grips with the parliamentary. >> pullback up bro. we could get some big money for that. let's hopewhat that sucker up and we will be on the news.
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the most new york thing ever, video. plus la thing. >> that is a chihuahua. kennedy: and what made it more she pokes oligomer kardashian. more.for the opposite team to score a goal against
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himself. the back of that guy said in any case, the whole thing triggered a soccer riot oh, my god. far and why they gathered for the senior olympics.
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she set world records in five events. frustration that he did not shed or more records. the ice bucket challenge success, top-notch actor it's funny, but doesn't it also give us a fresh perspective on to the deeper lyrics written by modern barb's leg last year's take me his church.
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how about this one? >> hotel, motel, holiday inn. ♪ kennedy: that's right. may not be william shakespeare, but they are definitely who could forget this class of work. ♪
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kennedy: ii think that might be some iambic pentameter from king lear. act ii scene four. it is getting rave reviews, and here is what the company had to say. >> holy ship. if you have any stories, go ahead and see me at kennedy nation. your #, topical storm. host of blues traveler if you take multiple medications, a dry mouth can be a common side effect. that's why there's biotene. it comes in oral rinse, spray or gel so there's moisturizing relief for everyone. biotene, for people who suffer from dry mouth.
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every attending city excited to see him. got to see the pope a little bit better. get it? here you go. nine questions and the tiebreaker in case anyone gets gummed up. here we go. right all of their names down. question number one, gave the proceeds to charity. unclear whether or not the pope ever broke the pope cycle.
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question number two, pope affection. a big fan of the lord of the ring. referenced frodo and bilbo as examples of hope conquering doubt, fact or fiction, that is fact. mile my, it is getting hotter every minute. a hot day in september. question number three. pope francis enjoys assembling artificial lives.
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your the only one to got that right. nightclub bouncer, fact or fiction? you are now tied. this is a barnburner and a nailbiter. here is question number six. a batmobile. two thumbs up. >> pulp fiction. a batmobile owner in france offered to let the pope drive his vehicle, but he
8:42 am
declined an offer that a child with tourette's us in tourette's syndrome going instead. that is not true. the pope did not have a child. the pope is a big fan of tango dancing. four points apiece, one point behind, just one point. in them will get to the tiebreaker. the pope only has one long, fact or fiction.
8:43 am
jedediah just jumped into the weeds. >> removed and donated. now driving the batmobile. fact or fiction? >> i have to make a move. and that is fiction. that means that jedediah has won the game. congratulations. six points. joe and jamie with four points apiece. i am holier than you, both of you. we are going to do the bonus question. all right. pants off pope off. here is the tiebreaker.
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how many pubs in history have there been. have to do an over under on that. it's 266. that is a lot of pope send a lot of pope send a lot of fun playing pope or fiction. congratulations. the queen bee. coming up, i've got ever. topline gone through every e-mail and will respond accordingly. (patrick 1) what's it like to be the boss of you?
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♪ kennedy: don't stop drinking is more like it. the best job in the world. hehe traverses the planet in search of interesting cocktails and intriguing people. here is a taste. >> i call you.i call you. it ain't a bachelor party without some drinking games. you done your drinks and
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then call on someone who drinks is much as you just did. i could drink this stuff all day. kennedy: zero, mercy. monday, september 28. please welcome mat jack maxwell. >> i did not drink all day for the record. kennedy: how much do you drink when you are working? >> it is interesting. to be on the land of the nomad, they welcome un and say okay, i can come in, but you have to drink three bowls of chamomile vodka, otherwise you're not being polite. for the record, i think that's too much and i've never had it before. that got me a little -- the
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mostly it's not really about drinking. it's about drinks and celebrating the cultures of the world,world, and we do it through the lens with cocktail glass. very rare that i have too much, but i can't say that it has never happened. kennedy: do you have a great tolerance? >> i do. i sometimes sound like those guys who caught the fish, but you have to catch me after a couple of cocktails. kennedy: what is it about alcohol that binds us together. >> it really is, too. wherever i go, it go, it does not matter, we all drink for the same reasons, socialize,, socialize, celebrate, more, to take the edge of at the end of a long day whether it is hosting a show or all these great things.
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the stuff that they drink. and it does bring us all together i would like to share. kennedy: anything that scares you that you put in your bodies? >> cow blood. they makes it with on the water. i'm not going to say no. ever tried to wiggle out of a cartel.
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that comes out like this. skin is dying. but it's not just about the drinks but why they drink them and in the stories they tell them they do. >> i'm sure, how many miles do you sharply cheer. >> sixteen episodes last year and do 16 now.
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i only drink at work. can only drink at work. friends that drink more than i do command i have a show and don't have a reason for. kennedy: celebrating, morning. a 6-liter decanter of the most expensive whiskey $640
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us. the guy who tries it, mcallen is watching over it. it's so old and every time you take a set. >> and it becomes even more valuable. >> ii cannot place in a value on my admiration for you. well done. you can take that to the bank. coming up, your viewer mail, and gems like this.
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♪ kennedy: it is sort of like a modern-day version of return to sender. that is right. it is time for viewer mail. i have been trying to get my family to give your show a look. they all get their news analysis qvc. a previous incarnation.
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i will have you know, i had an obsession with ronald reagan that would make your sonsome blush. you take it back you son of a gunderson. your cyclopean depth has brought me to one conclusion , you are a love child. sauve 101. over by dancing and polyester pantsuit, that is hillary keeping it sexy. sucking down too many shots of tequila, what is too many? lastly, i havelastly, i have been truly moved by the words of david suarez. just watched you on o'reilly. you are an idiot. right there. and thank you for watching the show. you can watch all new episodes monday through thursday at 8:00 p.m. eastern five
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pacific on the fox business network. kennedy fbn, e-mail kennedy fbn foxbusiness .com. loving me for loving you. good night. online poll results quickly. there you are. 93 percent. ♪ >> it's crazy. >> don't call me crazy.


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